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CyberGuard System Sdn Bhd providing security solutions and specializing in wireless surveillance system and security system integration.

We have offices in Penang (HQ), KL, Johor Bahru, Kota Baru and Kota Kinabalu with more than 30 dealers throughout Malaysia in order to provide instant support and services to our customers.

CyberGuard products include a wide range of electronic security surveillance system and solution mainly :-
Wireless Security Alarm System
Wireless Central Monitoring Security System
Wired Alarm System
Digital CCTV Surveillance System
Digital IP Video Surveillance System
Broadband Wireless Video Surveillance System
Access Control System and Auto Barrier System

These surveillance and security systems and products are evaluated from time to time through our research department to ensure that the products that we offer to customers are of high quality, reliability and performance. CyberGuard offers a complete security solution for residences, commercials, industries and government sectors.

We have put in place a dedicated team to provide technical support throughout our coverage to ensure fast and efficient support for our customers.

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